Top food trends for 2014

Didn’t make it to Moscone Center this year? No worries, we walked mile-upon-tasty- mile of convention floor to make sure we didn’t miss the best bites of the year. And make no mistake, this painstaking day of chocolate, cheese, artisan salumi and innovative foods is no walk in the park (more like a big trick-or-treat sesh.) So yes, we had a great time and no, it doesn’t feel like a workday, so we’ve got to make those calories count for something. Here’s our food trend update:

On the Go Grains: Of course there are more bars than ever before, but looks like grains are going places. From grab and go hot breakfast cereals by Wild Veggie to single serving heat and eats, fast food’s got a new player in the game.

What’s Old is New: We saw it in pickles; we saw it in packaging. A nod to retro, whether it’s producing food the way grandma’s grandma would have made it or just trying to look like you do. We love the look of Traina Family Farms Ketchup that harkens back to California’s good ol’ farming days. Rick’s Picks pickles offer the real deal in all of the best fermented foods and darned if they don’t look like they came straight from mom’s kitchen.

Siracha and Bacon are “it”: From popcorn to chips to chocolate bars, what used to be the domain of sour cream & onion or cheddar cheese powder is now free game for this dominant duo. Of course, while they’re taking over snack foods everywhere, we’ve yet to see them used in tandem (did I just really put that out in the universe–sorry!).

Super Seeds Not Just For Health Nuts: Truth be told, we’ve been seeing chia seeds popping up in foods for the past few years. This year, we finally found an application that was far and away the best tasting chia we’ve had. San Franola Granola’s Toasted Chia gave us hope that this super seed is not just a gimmicky health food, but here to stay. 

Thin Treats: Brownie crunch, Cookie Chips call them what you will, they’re the thinner, “in”er version of the treats we love and they’re taking over the goody aisle.

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