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Situation: Canned products are frequently the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the grocery store. They just don’t get the respect. So, we weren’t surprised when our research found that consumers didn’t think of California Ripe Olives as being very natural, nor healthy. Fortunately we knew better.

Approach: Our research found consumers concerned about fat content and sourcing of their products. We used traditional and digital ads to explain that California Ripe Olives had healthy fats and were produced by caring farmers, not some big industrial factory. Many of our campaigns offered recipes, cookbooks and coupons designed to encourage more usage. We also did a series of family-farmer videos and recipe videos, offered on the website and through our youtube channel.

Outcome: We had significant year-over-year growth in recipe club membership for 5 years running, ending with a circulation of over 100,000 folks subscribing to olive recipes and information. Our blast emails averaged an unprecedented 33% click thru rate. And over 100,000 recipe books were ordered.