• Bilingual Website
  • Packaging Map Template for 10 oz. Cans
  • Packaging Template for 6.7 oz. Cans

Situation: La Sirena (the Mermaid) is the leading brand of canned sardine and seafood products in Central and South America. The company saw changing US demographics as an opportunity to swim into this market. Because of regional language differences in their core markets as well as bilingual challenges in this one, they charged us with creating a bi-lingual website and updating their packaging so that it would clearly convey the contents, across all their marketing regions.

Approach: First we did an analysis of their existing line as well as a projection for the future, which took into account additional seafood products, as well as their potential flavor profiles (plain, spicy, citrusy, etc.). This research led us to a well-informed packaging map, which allowed us to design not simply for existing products and bilingual audiences, but also for long-term growth. These new labels feature their iconic mermaid, while adding product photos and flavor icons. This new approach instantly speaks contents and deliciousness, whatever your language.

Outcome: La Sirena continues to gain market share, and as new SKUs are added the packaging map template keeps all facings consistent and on-brand, leading to clear communications with shoppers, and cost-efficiencies in new label production and rollouts.