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Situation: When you are paving the road to an entirely new category, you better be smart about how you drive it. Not only do you have to stimulate desire for a previously unknown product, you better make it easy for consumers to identify you in the case–and be confident in using it. This was the situation when long-time rice and grain company Village Harvest decided to launch a line of fully-cooked, cryogenically frozen whole grains.   (The first frozen grains to the market.)

Approach: Packaging speaks volumes about a product and in this case we wanted to the colors and photography to convey that the product was natural and delicious. We did this by designing packaging that incorporated colors not typically used in the freezer case and with facings that showed the natural beauty of the product. Back panel copy creatively expressed the simplicity of use; while recipes and tips we developed showed the way.

Outcome: Packaging supported the client’s ability to gain authorization for new SKUs. And consumers, bloggers and national magazines (thank you Oprah) take notice.